Having Fun with Bingo Daubers

Having Fun with Bingo Daubers

Bingo markers also known as daubers are making waves these days not just as ordinary markers used for the game. It is such a craze nowadays that bingo daubers are not just objects of necessity but they have become symbols of love for the bingo game and much more. Bingo daubers are traditionally used in live bingo games. Commonly made up of plastic material with a foam tip that is used to mark the bingo card, the dauber has come a long way since; from the basic primary colors of red, blue, yellow and green to the more eccentric and fashionable colors.

Nowadays when you visit a bingo hall it is a common sight to see that many bingo players have adapted the fad that has overwhelmed the bingo dauber business. There are many variations to the bingo dauber, not just the ink colors but with the dauber itself. Since bingo is a universal game and it caters the young and old, you can expect that the humble bingo dauber has evolved with the players as well.

These objects of necessity have become a statement, a signature that symbolizes the player who owns and uses it. As the bingo phenomena overcome the human interest, so does the bingo dauber. The bingo dauber has become a collection item as well. The more patriotic collection such as the Uncle Sam daubers have been catching attention, so as the more trendy and fashionable glitter or fluorescent daubers.

There are also some customized or specialized daubers just for the ladies like the Romeo and the Top Hat Romeo daubers which come with additional attachments. There's also the Elvis dauber which is equipped with a bag. Other variations such as the Christmas and Easter bingo daubers are also available. The possibilities are endless.

Another trend that highlights the popularity of bingo daubers is the online auction especially for daubers. There are collector's bingo daubers which are for sale at such overwhelming amounts. Bingo daubers have also been thought of as objects of luck. Since many bingo players are quite superstitious, the use of bingo daubers has been associated with their beliefs. Certain colors, designs, shape or size can affect the player's game and that these daubers can influence and determine if they're going to win or not.

Whatever is the purpose of the bingo dauber, other than being a bingo card marker, is that it is always a fun item. Whether you are an online or a live bingo player, daubers always serve a purpose. It is great for collecting and they make cool and fun gifts to family and friends.