Basic Knowledge About Bingo

Basic Knowledge About Bingo

The bingo game is popular for having such a simple rule. You can fund this game anywhere you look be it be an activity center, a party, charity functions, classrooms and other places where bingo can take place.

The game of bingo was originate in Europe. It was in the country of Italy that the early games of bingo were played. In the later years, the French started to adopt the game and eventually introduced that very first bingo cards . The Germans then used the game as a tool in teaching children on the matters of arithmetic and basic English. The game has totally gripped the entire continent at the dawn of 1800. Bingo was later introduced in the United States during the early 1900s. Because of the thrilling nature of the game, it didn't take long before it spread fast. Eventually the game was not only played during the gatherings but also it was used as a fund raising activity by the churches and other charity events.

The main ingredients of playing the game is the bingo cage where the balls are contained and the bingo cards where the called out numbers are being marked. A single bingo card do have a 5x5 grid of columns and rows. Each of the 25 squares contains numbers. Today, bingo cards have transformed according to the variation of the game. The numbers on the card are replaced with different items such depending on the theme of the game. Like for holiday bingo, the numbers are replaced with words or figures like Santa, elves and among others.

To mark the squares, players make use of chips and daubers. As the game grow in popularity, daubers used in the game also became popular. They come in various shapes and sizes. Some even have a personalized dauber exclusive for their own use.

To be able to truly enjoy the game, one must learn the basic rules of the game. There are a lot of booklets available that will guide you with your game. Some of these books even have strategies that you can use to increase your chances of winning.

What makes this game a lot more exciting is the fact that the game is based on pure luck and chance. Every player has equal chances of winning and losing. With this comes superstitions that was founded by the elders to help them win in the game. They say that one must have a lucky stone or any lucky charm in their pocket before they step inside a bingo hall. Some base it on numbers, like the birth date is said to bring luck. No matter what belief you follow, there is only one sure thing about bingo- it is a certified fun game to play.