Choose Your Bingo Cage

Choose Your Bingo Cage

If you are a serious bingo player and you want to own a bingo set, then the bingo cage is a must-have for you. Bingo cages ensure that the numbers drawn are random, and they also have the look of authentic gambling. They are classy and are worthy to show to your friends and other bingo players. When you organize a bingo event and you use a bingo cage, people will ask who owns that cage and you will be proud to tell them that you do.

Some of the available bingo cages today are the brass bingo cages, rubber-coated bingo cages, chute cages and automatic cages. All of these include master boards, where you place the balls that have been drawn.

Brass Bingo Cages

These brass cages are shiny, perfect for that elegant look. Most people want to buy these because these cages look sophisticated, and they cost less compared to other cages. Some manufacturers sell this bingo cage with matching bingo balls. Rubber-coated Bingo Cages

These cages are similar to the brass ones, only that the cage is coated with soft rubber for more durability. Though they are not as shiny as the brass ones, they surely last longer than those. Of course, these cages cost more than the brass bingo cages, but at least you would not have to buy another one again in the near future. Think of it as a good investment. Some people think that they are saving a lot by buying cheaper items, but in reality, they are spending more because they would have to buy again.

Chute Cage Sets (Bingo Cage Sets)

These cages look like the rubber-coated bingo cage, but instead of wires, they have a compartment for their legs. They are more durable and more modern-looking than the other bingo cages. These are what you see in most bingo events nowadays. Automatic Cages

If you want to save time, then use these automatic cages. Other cages require you to manually get the balls from the master board and put them back to the cages at every end of the game. But with these automatic cages, all you have to do is pull the lever, and the balls will automatically go back to their cage.

In choosing the right cage, always put into mind what your needs and wants are. Do you need a durable cage, or just about any cage will do? Do you want a manual cage or an automatic one? These are just some of the questions you will need to ask yourself. Then, of course, there is the matter of cost.